August 19, 2016


Deskripsi   :

Stage Light Android-based Control System is one product of TEAM ERG LEDS X1 that shine and occupy 2nd podium in competition of Electronics Design Contest Committee of the IEEE SSCS, Embedded Systems category which was held at the Institute of Technology Bandung on 9 December 2014.
Stage Light Android-based Control System is designed for the Android-based stage lighting control, either modular (per-node), simultaneously and scheduling modes. Control unit creation Stage Light Android-based Control System which can control the RGB LED module is use 1-wire communication protocol, and able to provide feedback condition of each node to Android applications.


  • There is a per-node control mode (modular), controlling the entire node (concurrent) and scheduling mode
  • In the scheduling mode operators can create a playlist by arranging the intensity and time on each node and then save it into a file
  • This file can be edited and updated for further benefit / when changes are made
  • Applications can retrieve files from the folder (memory / SDcard) that already exist and can be opened and played
  • The number of nodes to be controlled can be added / reduced as needed
  • Feedback can be visualized directly under the conditions of the node

Tim                 : Indra Hadi Setiadi, Angga, Anggi Puspita.

Pembimbing  : Agus Mulyana, M.T.

Prestasi           : Juara 2 IEEE 2014

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