September 2, 2016


Project Description

KKAI is one of the products of ERG that followed Windmills Competition of Indonesia at Jogjakarta is a wind power plant, a power plant that uses wind as energy source to generate electrical energy. This plant can convert wind energy into electrical energy using wind turbines or windmills. Power generation system using wind as an energy source is an alternative system that is growing rapidly, considering wind energy is one of energy that unlimited in nature.

Working process of this wind power plan is the wind energy first will rotating wind turbine. Wind turbine works contrary to a fan (not using electricity to generate wind, but use the wind to generate electricity). Then the wind will rotate turbine corner, and then forwarded to rotate the rotor of the generator at the back of the wind turbine. The generator converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic field theory, which is the generator shaft fitted with permanent ferromagnetic material. After that there is stator around the shaft which its physical form is coils of wire that forms a loop. When the shaft of generator start rotating there will be a change of flux on the stator that eventually due to changes of the flux it will be generated particular voltage and electric current. Voltage and electric current that generated is distributed through the electrical network cable to eventually be used by public. Voltage and electric current that is produced by the generator is AC (alternating current) which has approximately sinusoidal waveform. Electrical energy is usually going to be stored into the battery before it can be utilized.
“A wind energy power plant is result of merger from wind turbines that eventually can produce electricity.”

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